Monthly Archives: August 2015


The richness is in the moment. The felt presence of experience and that is love. That is the source of community. We are all equally qualified. The disillusion of boundaries. We can’t abandon technology. We can take what was best and bring it into our community. Dance, feeling, philosophy, sexuality, art. Do not seek to use, it’s a religious mystery. Intent is everything. Transform, inform, and inspire. The truth can take care of itself. The truth is so powerful. We need a feeling of unity. Feeling is primary.  -Terrance McKenna


Do you speak to me like you speak to God?

I’ll make a difference and I will have lived it.

Take me and show me.

They will take me and I will learn and love.

Let’s create our beautiful existence.

Why would it be so to wait?

I’ll be persistent, I will have been it.



So it’s interesting the flee and and easy part of life

How is it to be so different than he

Having a wonderful conversation

How to bring it to life

The stresses the worry, the not so life

Believe in what you preach for it is your reality

the people, the picture, how you perceive the world

it is. you are. we are.

the impossible blurry

life is an illusion

so why should you worry