Man Cave, 2016


Great Uncle Shorter: I remember when Gary was around twelve years old, he called me over to impress his friends on how well I can shoot a bow and arrow into the target they set up over on by a tree…

Gary: I looked up to my Uncle, he could do everything. I remember telling them, just wait until you see what my Uncle can do! *laughs*

Great Uncle Shorter: Never shot a damn bow and arrow in my life, but I wasn’t about to tell him that… So, I picked it up and uh, aimed and hit the bullseye right in the middle! My eyes got real big, *chuckles* then I turned around and I looked over at ’em kids with a serious face, “Well boys, that’s how ya do it.” Gary looked back at his friends saying, “See! I told you!” Luckiest goddamn shot I ever took…

Gary: *laughs* Yeah, I remember that.


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