Metaphysical Nature, 2016


Love, I’ve come to realize is not a choice. It is a chemical sensation felt through the brain and felt on every energetic level in the body. What makes love different than romantic love? Love that is unconditional. It is so easy to love if you have a genuine warm heart, one can fall in love again and again or feeling love for many people is incredibly easy. To recognize this phenomenon is a beautiful realization, that this trajectory can create peace within all of humanity.

Stresses, anxiety, fear, judgment, worries, time, society, imbalance etc., are all things we face in life that present its challenges in love. It tests our love, life goes on, we get busy, we live in a task based society and it seeps into our love bubble that was once so perfect. Love is tears that feel like an orgasmic release of emotions. Yet with all of this recognized, a maturity must happen in a relationship in order for dreams to occur. To recognize this development of maturity in oneself is wise. To also acknowledge and admit one needs growth to happen is courageous. To trust someone who has given a reason to be untrustworthy is a magical gift. To trust that person even harder, this can truly create fulfillment. If one stays immature, this presents itself as selfishness or reveals manipulation. To a wise person, wrongdoings will not be repeated again. To perhaps a fool, one has realized he/she has selfishly not matured in love; this is the essence of karmic sin.

Lead me to the path of truth, I am willing to fall and fall again.


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