Pacific Beach, 2016.


Oh, the nostalgia of sitting on the front porch… As new homeowners or tenants, people usually purchase chairs to put outside their front yard or balcony. The chairs, in reality, are not used as often as one might like. Rarely do we see people actually sitting and relaxing in their front lawns. The seating faces the neighborhood street and the view is almost always of other houses. As a society, we are often caught up in work and the busyness of our everyday lives.

With the growth of suburbs during the early/mid-nineteenth century we began isolating ourselves by creating more privacy and spending more time in our fenced-in backyards. We long for community, the idea of purchasing seating for the front yard is an example of just that. When one does have time to relax, it would seem that a majority of people want to sit inside the comfort of their own living rooms. Furthermore, we are witnessing a seclusion of ourselves even more so through technology within our families inside our very own homes.


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