Monthly Archives: December 2016


Laughlin, you’ve been?

Not my shirt.

Hey, how you doing?

Eyes meet.

You want to sleep.

Interesting way of spelling. You’re


Eyes meet.


How do you say your name?


I’ve never seen it spelled like


You look familiar.

What’s your name?


You look like a Zoie.

You are such a Zoie.

You are totally Zoie.

Good thing, I presume.

I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t.

Your name?


I’ve never seen it spelled that


Zoey! I hear from a far…

Zoey, is that your name?


My name is Zoie.

How do you spell it?


Bye Zoey.

Bye Zoie.

You will be charged $8.00

Miss Wilson.


It skips a generation, it is our generation.

To live, to seek, to plan.

Dreaming is another form of planning, says Steinem.

Choices, a form of action.

Weeding, until the universe takes you to the sand.

Watering the grass beneath you.

Wilson, Avalos: I am a fan.

You nurture, you push, you fight, you’re humble.

Looking down at what you’ve created.

Family lineage strengthens, Pops you were a great man.

Never settle for anything less, you only deserve the best.

Why he never told him? Musta been some humble man.

I took your camera.

Developed some things.

Old, couldn’t see it.

Orange green and yellow.

Cribbage… she¬†looked as if she was about to cry.

For all who knew him, I didn’t know much.

He was so quiet and had a soft touch.

Cigarettes and cribbage.

I’ll teach you how.

Add some milk and butter.

He taught me this back then.

He’d want you to have it now.

So I took and packed it.

Onward we both go.

Taking more photos, what do you know?