Kansas, ’59.

It skips a generation, it is our generation.

To live, to seek, to plan.

Dreaming is another form of planning, says Steinem.

Choices, a form of action.

Weeding, until the universe takes you to the sand.

Watering the grass beneath you.

Wilson, Avalos: I am a fan.

You nurture, you push, you fight, you’re humble.

Looking down at what you’ve created.

Family lineage strengthens, Pops you were a great man.

Never settle for anything less, you only deserve the best.

Why he never told him? Musta been some humble man.

I took your camera.

Developed some things.

Old, couldn’t see it.

Orange green and yellow.

Cribbage… she looked as if she was about to cry.

For all who knew him, I didn’t know much.

He was so quiet and had a soft touch.

Cigarettes and cribbage.

I’ll teach you how.

Add some milk and butter.

He taught me this back then.

He’d want you to have it now.

So I took and packed it.

Onward we both go.

Taking more photos, what do you know?



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