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slowly sips her tea                                                                                                   heart is slowing

i loved her so much                                                                                the mirrors, there is three

i love him                                                                                                      triumph of imagination

i love her                                                                                             the pleasure of pleasing me

i loved him so much                                                                                                          eyes heavy

we should just love                                                                                             i want you to know

that’s it                                                                                                                        it’s a nasty letter


Two wild birds
Free thinking with understanding
Human nature, we fight for the kind
Whistling into the night
Full moon hike
Flying and flocking
We realize money is the enemy
We realize ego kills the soul
We appreciate all that is
is to love
to live in appreciation
The noise of adrenaline
The tension
Is so fierce
So it penetrates into the ground
Realizing there is something more
One soul recognizes the other
Eyes dark pupil black
Twice and then none
Breathe deeply
Bim bim bim
You’re all rotting away
We understand the image
The sound
The most important
Humanity and all that is
Is not
Explain their stories
Silence the crowd
No need to explain things
Dwelling in our silence
We recognize that is life
I’ll see you soon
I’ll see you around