Monthly Archives: March 2018

Today feels like a very different day, actually Tuesday February 28th, 2018 I felt the shift. The day after, strong. The 1st, awake. The 2nd, so perfectly timed. A shedding of a full moon before my 25th birthday. Another journal completed, ending another chapter in my life and so it goes…

Today is the birth of my parents. The birth of another mother. The birth of another father. The day that the lineage continues. Today is my mother’s birth-day. It isn’t about me, and I guess that is why my whole life I never felt the need to celebrate MY birthday. I did always feel it was another day, although very special.

Every year brings on special take aways, beautiful findings through relationships, some letting go of others, the strength on holding onto ones we will eventually meet up with on our future journeys. The true relationship with the universe, holding on too tightly of what we love will always suffer. When we let go and let people thrive in their own, the world gives. One person is too much for one person, it is the ability to give and let go at the same time. It is how we all share each other.

I feel like today is different not because I am 25 years young, but because each day brings upon its challenges, its gifts, its realizations, its distractions, its anger, its joyfulness, its laughter, and above all its love. The love returns in fullness. Every time.

Today I recognize self care is every damn day. I recognize this is what our people need. “I’ve been here in Jupiter’s cove. Laughing at the play of life. Letting my body rest. It is my choice to be joyful. This is my vision. Everything, right on time.”

The sun shines on my body, fallen leaves, and a tree so massive the roots vibrate through and up my root. I sit and feel my given body. I sit and reenergize what it is to feel. Mother Earth rebirths us.

I feel different today in a way that cannot be written in words, only felt by myself and God. Diving deep into the deepest part of ourselves. Recognizing the true connections we’ve made throughout our years, days, and hours. The 20 minute conversations with strangers. The hugs that brings on the tears. The healing of being heard and witnessed by my sisters and ancestors.

Everything is right on time.