This is my sister Lexi Wilson, isn’t she a beaut? She started her own blog last year, this blog expresses ways to pair clothing and how to do it cheaply. Most likely, you probably have a couple of items like these in your closet already. Ever since we were little we always played dress up and stole things from our mom’s closet and pulled some really bad outfits together (like every little girl, let’s be honest). As we grew older, Lexi would steal things from my closet (as every sister knows, this is where all the fighting happens…). As she has developed her own style throughout the years, I now intrude on her closet, or in this case her suitcase, when she visits me in San Diego. We share the love of style and creating it to make it unique to you and your personality. We believe style is affordable, and shopping at your local thrift or vintage store is the best way to get a bang for your buck. Plus, this way you’re not supporting large clothing corporations that lure you in as a consumer to by low quality things you really don’t need.

Ways to get new looks without feeling bad about your bank account:

1. Always loved our style? Ever liked our clothes but didn’t want to go shop for a piece that was similar because it was too much work? We feel you, that’s why Lexi and I are collaborating on a site that will allow you to shop our closets for cheap!!!! Stay tuned for updates!

2. Throw together a clothing swap with your friends. Create a Facebook page that gives people plenty of time to save the date and bring their fabulous treasures with a bottle of champagne! Even though you think no one will want that old blouse of yours, you would be surprised how it could be the new found staple in someone else’s closet.

3. Salvation Army, Goodwill, Swap Meets – This will be your cheapest finds around. Prepare for scrummaging, it’s worth it when you find that amazing piece.

4. Vintage Shops- La Loupe Vintage is my personal favorite place in Normal Heights, San Diego- great finds in every corner of the shop, plus they have insanely great prices for authentic vintage items from the 20’s-90’s.  Flashbacks is also a fun store with funky used pieces in Hillcrest, San Diego.

5. Estate Sales- Best quality items- depending on your style, many clothes and house items are at great prices. Find which ones will be located near you

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