the black and white of his hand

floated through the heated air

his arm just hanging

sounds of masculinity I fathomed

bridge of death

I sought for

residence of life

the fingers now floated there


buoyant amongst pressure

he was gone

she is arriving


0005_4Aits like trying to listen to music when the music is turned all the way down

it feels like getting out of the shower with no towels around

my are boots are worn and need new laces

it is an itch but you’re never able to scratch

you’re able to smell but never relish it

it is wearing fake acrylics and never be able to strike a chord

it is getting into a car and realizing you have little gas

it is going into a library

and realizing you can check one book

it all just seems missing

the moon controls the feeling

my watch says 03:30

of course

the sun

I’ve been waiting to sleep

don’t worry

next thought it’ll be your turn

the cycle repeats.

I looked into her eyes

I looked for quite a while

caramel honey eyes

I looked into his eyes

I looked for quite a while

innocent and unflinching

the energy of the two


it’s pretending to have intent

it’s pretending to sing along

she wants you to take her lead

but he’s unsure

so he tags along

her energy is intruding

she’s sacrificing her truth

sexy, boozy, great tobacco use

I know what you’re doing

it’s not my truth






slowly sips her tea                                                                                                   heart is slowing

i loved her so much                                                                                the mirrors, there is three

i love him                                                                                                      triumph of imagination

i love her                                                                                             the pleasure of pleasing me

i loved him so much                                                                                                          eyes heavy

we should just love                                                                                             i want you to know

that’s it                                                                                                                        it’s a nasty letter

Two wild birds
Free thinking with understanding
Human nature, we fight for the kind
Whistling into the night
Full moon hike
Flying and flocking
We realize money is the enemy
We realize ego kills the soul
We appreciate all that is
is to love
to live in appreciation
The noise of adrenaline
The tension
Is so fierce
So it penetrates into the ground
Realizing there is something more
One soul recognizes the other
Eyes dark pupil black
Twice and then none
Breathe deeply
Bim bim bim
You’re all rotting away
We understand the image
The sound
The most important
Humanity and all that is
Is not
Explain their stories
Silence the crowd
No need to explain things
Dwelling in our silence
We recognize that is life
I’ll see you soon
I’ll see you around


Just letters that make up a sound projected through the sound of our voice

our mouth our lips.

No different you than mine

Your body, mine.

Eyes that are thankful to see the experience

the atoms

the molecules

that makes up the sky.

my camera

my fingers

my sight

the incredible silence and emptiness that fills up that space

a space that one cannot stay with for longer than a second

always grasping.

How to stay in a constant space, staying constant


Soulful and truth, let one appear to others as it forms thyself

the soul evaporates into the body when the body is weak.

Red, pink, green, ultramarine blue

dusted onto the sky with a brush

one cannot see the strokes or remnants of artifice or touch

it just is.

In a moments time it will pass, the colors will fad, the colors will change

the view will no longer be the same.

Change is part of the birth of the sky.

The Earth turns, the moon rotates, it replenishes the dust.

Time and time again

calculated so infinitely yet it’s all

so specific, so perfectly planned.

So symmetrical, so organized.

Apocalypse the bright sky never returns

and darkness is where we all die.