Today feels like a very different day, actually Tuesday February 28th, 2018 I felt the shift. The day after, strong. The 1st, awake. The 2nd, so perfectly timed. A shedding of a full moon before my 25th birthday. Another journal completed, ending another chapter in my life and so it goes…

Today is the birth of my parents. The birth of another mother. The birth of another father. The day that the lineage continues. Today is my mother’s birth-day. It isn’t about me, and I guess that is why my whole life I never felt the need to celebrate MY birthday. I did always feel it was another day, although very special.

Every year brings on special take aways, beautiful findings through relationships, some letting go of others, the strength on holding onto ones we will eventually meet up with on our future journeys. The true relationship with the universe, holding on too tightly of what we love will always suffer. When we let go and let people thrive in their own, the world gives. One person is too much for one person, it is the ability to give and let go at the same time. It is how we all share each other.

I feel like today is different not because I am 25 years young, but because each day brings upon its challenges, its gifts, its realizations, its distractions, its anger, its joyfulness, its laughter, and above all its love. The love returns in fullness. Every time.

Today I recognize self care is every damn day. I recognize this is what our people need. “I’ve been here in Jupiter’s cove. Laughing at the play of life. Letting my body rest. It is my choice to be joyful. This is my vision. Everything, right on time.”

The sun shines on my body, fallen leaves, and a tree so massive the roots vibrate through and up my root. I sit and feel my given body. I sit and reenergize what it is to feel. Mother Earth rebirths us.

I feel different today in a way that cannot be written in words, only felt by myself and God. Diving deep into the deepest part of ourselves. Recognizing the true connections we’ve made throughout our years, days, and hours. The 20 minute conversations with strangers. The hugs that brings on the tears. The healing of being heard and witnessed by my sisters and ancestors.

Everything is right on time.


Nearing the far to the end. The planets continue to circle, the nights to days. The breaths of the bodies, the headaches, the pains. The excitements, the joy, the wondering laughs. New faces, quick conversations, perhaps. The oh so longing, the true felt missing of touch. The hugs one must feel at least seven times, or you're probably too "tough." The old memories spring upon us, whatever triggers the thoughts. The blossoming new ideas that bury deep so they never go un-forgot. I notice now my cycles, the ebbs and tides of my life's flow. The beauty in the bleeding and knowing nature is in full control. Not trying to fix, not trying to unfold. Expressing it unapologetically for those around me to fully know. I come upon my true connection, not a sliver doubt taking just a bit of control. I now own it, it owns me, I so deeply know. From my conception to my birth, my troubles, insecurities, triumphs, and mistakes. My lofty and dreamy brain collects and holds onto the little wins. The little wins are just fine they are little takes. My brain has yet again found some clarity. I cherish these moments, I hold onto a lot. I recognize what I need from whom. I know myself in parts, I believe others think they know me in whole. Our soulmates are around us, holding us to and fro. What magnificent glory to know we've made nonsense into understanding. I am mixed with every bit of one of us, a human, our spirit's soul. I feel you every time, unless my head forgets to hold the heart in hand. Cherishing one another, see me in all my faults and defects. Accept as I am and don't worry because we all carry ego and judgements will sometimes carry. The water I feel peaceful, the water he feels safe. Alone we are today, tomorrow together in another space. The oceans, the mountains, the palm tree's top. I need you now, but not more than ever. Quiet, excessive, fluctuation, fear. Reduce to produce in love that knows what fear? The expression of words of streams of consciousness makes way through an existential thoughts that filter through emotions. Come hold me close, dear. Come through from person to person, augmented reality or not. My emotions are what captivate me, move me, inspire me a lot. Our perception stems from emotions of affirmation, empowerment, fixation of voices that remind me that I am sane. Stay here, stay with you. Assimilate your intuitions, rise to speak each day. Maybe you just don't want to, and that's ok. But forget that, forget you, be meek and underestimate your greatness. No one is counting on you. Only count your money, close your opportunity, go ahead close your door. 7cfa9db13af67e1f925591e2e41c0b0d8d1695173ba9b924ee5742a0b95a48e9 Photographs Philip-Lorca diCorcia


Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.

The body being. The plant being. The creature being. The wind moved the arms of the plant around in the sand. The grooves is the experience, the journey it was pushed to make. The ridges of the plant are funky, playing like toes in the deep sand. It simply lives there. The small tracks of the gushy creature, step by step, makes its way across the sand. Other species of plants pierce through the granules, nourished by the the soil feast of the land. Desert dwellers, basking from sunrise to sundown. The slow slither of the snake, finding its way for food through the eyes of a hole. The beauty of the patient. The incandescent magic of our nature, must it not only be of one fate.

She is trying to tell us something, but for nothing needs to be understood.

Two wild birds
Free thinking with understanding
Human nature, we fight for the kind
Whistling into the night
Full moon hike
Flying and flocking
We realize money is the enemy
We realize ego kills the soul
We appreciate all that is
is to love
to live in appreciation
The noise of adrenaline
The tension
Is so fierce
So it penetrates into the ground
Realizing there is something more
One soul recognizes the other
Eyes dark pupil black
Twice and then none
Breathe deeply
Bim bim bim
You’re all rotting away
We understand the image
The sound
The most important
Humanity and all that is
Is not
Explain their stories
Silence the crowd
No need to explain things
Dwelling in our silence
We recognize that is life
I’ll see you soon
I’ll see you around

2017, 2+0+1+7= 1. 2017 is going to be of one thing. Endless gratitude to love and that which is truth. We were all born for a beautiful incredible reason. Not a mistake, for anyone. The chances of a human being born in our infinite universe is so slim to none. Born, here we are. I am, you are. The same being. Now we must have a plan. Our plans are so much deeper than taught by our institutionalized culture. We must continue to live each day fully. Fulfillment. Bringing a true quality of life into our hearts. It’s not through playing the slot machine, refreshing, swiping, liking and loving through this gambling device called our phones.

Thinking, feeling, sharing we must continue to seek those who strive for community, to be awake. We are alive, blessings. Stimulate our minds, we find limitless possibilities and opportunities. We must trust. We must take action and trust our decisions, even if they are the wrong ones. There is so much to be done, how exciting. We must quiet our minds, clarity. Understanding our individual awareness to become one. Paying attention, acknowledging the illusions of our reality. Setting fire to our souls.

Loving, open, and free.



Laughlin, you’ve been?

Not my shirt.

Hey, how you doing?

Eyes meet.

You want to sleep.

Interesting way of spelling. You’re


Eyes meet.


How do you say your name?


I’ve never seen it spelled like


You look familiar.

What’s your name?


You look like a Zoie.

You are such a Zoie.

You are totally Zoie.

Good thing, I presume.

I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t.

Your name?


I’ve never seen it spelled that


Zoey! I hear from a far…

Zoey, is that your name?


My name is Zoie.

How do you spell it?


Bye Zoey.

Bye Zoie.

You will be charged $8.00

Miss Wilson.

It skips a generation, it is our generation.

To live, to seek, to plan.

Dreaming is another form of planning, says Steinem.

Choices, a form of action.

Weeding, until the universe takes you to the sand.

Watering the grass beneath you.

Wilson, Avalos: I am a fan.

You nurture, you push, you fight, you’re humble.

Looking down at what you’ve created.

Family lineage strengthens, Pops you were a great man.

Never settle for anything less, you only deserve the best.

Why he never told him? Musta been some humble man.

I took your camera.

Developed some things.

Old, couldn’t see it.

Orange green and yellow.

Cribbage… she¬†looked as if she was about to cry.

For all who knew him, I didn’t know much.

He was so quiet and had a soft touch.

Cigarettes and cribbage.

I’ll teach you how.

Add some milk and butter.

He taught me this back then.

He’d want you to have it now.

So I took and packed it.

Onward we both go.

Taking more photos, what do you know?