Zoie: Did you know Leonard?

Ron: No, no I didn’t know him personally but I know him. I know him very well being here with his art. I’ve been here for a year, looking after this place. It was a mess before I got here, people drinking, guys coming out here just to hit on girls coming from Beverly Hills.

Zoie: Lots of photoshoots are happening out here it seems…

Ron: Yeah, this place got a lot of attention after that movie “Into the Wild.” That handprint into the cement was fake, it would of happened right over here… Leonard would of never let that happen. They used some Hollywood cement or something, all fake.

I take care of this place now, if I wasn’t here people would be climbing on the art just to get a picture. You see all these girls in booty shorts, crop tops, practically no clothes on… I mean this is what I wear around here, doing work and preserving this place. This is place is like a church, you know? People should respect it like one.

Zoie: Those paint cans, were those left by Leonard?

Ron: Yeah, he loved those, he felt it was like a memorial to his work. They represent Leonard, so I leave them out. He used these exact ones to paint this place.

Zoie: The sensation felt here is hard to describe. It’s a pretty miraculous one though…